Beacon Map is a sample indoor navigation software. To build your own navication system firstly you need to place beacon devices to rooms. You can work with any kind of BLE devices.


  • Locate your beacons to rooms (Also You can buy beacons from us)
  • Draw a SVG image for map. ( svg editor is usefull for this)
  • Write your beacon mac ID’s to SVG map file (Beacon Scanner app. is usefull to learn MAC ID of your beacons)
  • Copy SVG File to your Android device
  • Run “Beacon Map” App and from settings menu open your SVG file.
  • Press “Start” to start service. Now App. will search and show where you are in your map.



Beacon Map

After placing beacons you must draw your map file. Map file is a SVG image file. You can use Inkscape SVG Image editor to draw a SVG file.

Url for Inkscape is :Inkscape

Sample SVG image Download

Beacon Map SampleAfter drawing SVG Map file you must define your beacon devices. For this select your rooms object properties window and apply room ID, room Title, and beacon mac ID is to object description window.  (Beacon Scanner app. is usefull to learn MAC ID of your beacons) This tells Application if this beacon is best rssi value, paint this room as active room.

Copy SVG file to your device and run the application. From settings menu select “Open SVG Map”. This will show a select file dialog. if you cant find your file try settings of file dialog and select “Display advanced devices”

beaconmap3 beacon map4



Now you can press start. App will scan and find best rssi beacon an show your position.

Also from settings menu you can change searching interval, scanning duration and active room color.